Craig Urquhart

Craig Urquhart

Concert #4

Church of St. Matthew and St. Timothy


Solo Piano Music by Craig Urquhart

  1. Frühling
  2. The Dalliance of Eagles
  3. Secret Spaces
  4. Evocation
  5. The Dream of Mother Earth
  6. Soliloquy
  7. Morning Eagle
  8. Flow On
  9. The Awakening
  10. Venetian Snowfall
  11. Poem
  12. Streamwalker

Craig Urquhart, piano


Over the years I have been writing music for the piano — five volumes representing over five hours of music. Tonight I will be performing a selection of compositions representing this body of work as well as two new works: Secret Spaces and Venetian Snowfall. My composition is inspired by nature and what I believe to be the healing quality of my connection with nature. I often find my inspiration from the rhythms of nature, from the magnitude of natural wonders and from the gentle sounds of nature, be it a flowing stream or the quiet that comes with a snowfall in Venice. The program begins with a celebration of springtime and ends with a thoughtful walk in a stream.  As we move through the program I hope that the many individual journeys will inspire you to a sense of inner thought and reflection.  As an academically trained composer I journeyed away from the rigorous atonality that was considered the norm at the time of my studies and have come to write very tonal, melodic and some have said “beautiful” music — all reflections of the forces of nature that inspire my muse.  —  Craig Urquhart